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Note: This product comes from America. If purchasing this product in Australia, you may only buy a maximum of 3 (three) bottles at a time for personal use. If purchasing in New Zealand, in addition to the 3-bottle maximum, you should have doctor’s prescription.

Sleep Well... finally!

No more tossing and turning. No more staring at the ceiling. No more counting sheep or watching late-night TV. Say "Goodnight" to occasional sleep troubles and say "Hello" to MELLODYN, the natural supplement that helps you fall asleep fast and stay asleep through the night.

MELLODYN works with your body's own sleep-wake cycles to support healthy, natural sleep patterns. Clinical research demonstrates that the natural ingredients in MELLODYN effectively relieve occasional sleeplessness. MELLODYN promotes a full night's sleep without causing grogginess the next morning, leaving you feeling refreshed and ready to face the day. To learn more about MELLODYN's effects, read testimonials provided by satisfied MELLODYN users.

MELLODYN is not habit-forming, so you can rest easy knowing that you won't become dependent on MELLODYN or build a tolerance to its effects. Take MELLODYN "as needed" before bed to help you sleep easily and soundly.

Fall asleep fast

MELLODYN begins working in as little as 15 minutes. For those occasional times when you have trouble sleeping, take MELLODYN 30-60 minutes before bed to help you fall asleep as soon as your head hits the pillow.

Sleep through the night

MELLODYN keeps working all night to calm the restless body and soothe the overactive mind, so you enjoy a longer and more peaceful sleep. Take MELLODYN to receive the 6-8 hours of uninterrupted, undisturbed sleep that you need and deserve.

No "hangover" in the morning

Wake up feeling refreshed and ready to face the day. Most people don't feel groggy or hazy the morning after taking MELLODYN. 

Gentle, not overpowering

The ingredients in MELLODYN work with your body's circadian cycles to support a healthy, natural sleep session. MELLODYN acts like a mother's lullaby, gently easing you into a tranquil sleep. As a result, MELLODYN won't prevent you from waking up early in order to catch a flight or respond to an unexpected emergency.


The MELLODYN formula combines standardized herbal extracts with compounds naturally found in the human body to safely promote a healthy night's sleep. And because MELLODYN is a natural supplement, it can be ordered online.

Not addictive or habit-forming

Rest easy knowing that you won't become dependent on MELLODYN or build a tolerance to its effects. And you won't experience uncomfortable withdrawal symptoms if you stop taking MELLODYN.

Clinically Researched

The MELLODYN formula contains natural ingredients that have been extensively studied. Controlled clinical trials have examined the effects and safety profiles of these ingredients. Many of these studies were performed at leading universities and published in prestigious peer-reviewed academic journals. Read the research for yourself by clicking below. 

Quality Control

BioNeurix Corporation employs a number of quality-assurance measures to guarantee that MELLODYN achieves unsurpassed purity and effectiveness. 

First, MELLODYN is a research-based formula containing ingredients backed by controlled clinical trials. 

Second, the plant extracts in MELLODYN are standardized to include effective amounts of the active constituents. This ensures that every capsule in every bottle attains a consistently high level of potency. 

Finally, MELLODYN is manufactured using strict quality-control procedures. The laboratory that produces MELLODYN conforms to or exceeds all Current Good Manufacturing Practices (cGMP). In fact, our manufacturing facility has been certified to be GMP-compliant with an "A" rating by the NPA (Natural Products Association). The quality of every bottle of MELLODYN is guaranteed by:

  • Stringently scrutinizing and qualifying ingredient suppliers
  • Quarantining all incoming raw materials immediately upon receipt
  • Analyzing raw materials before releasing them to production
  • Re-analyzing raw materials on a periodic schedule as required
  • Conducting in-process inspections throughout manufacturing
  • Testing for full compliance verification
  • Visually inspecting every finished unit-dose
  • Quarantining finished goods until quality-control chemists complete a final quality control review
  • Retaining bottled samples of each production batch for future reference

These thorough quality-assurance procedures make MELLODYN a natural supplement that you can trust to deliver on its promises.

The Mellodyn Formula

MELLODYN has been scientifically formulated to promote healthy sleep for people with occasional sleeplessness. 

Our laboratory follows rigorous quality-assurance procedures when manufacturing MELLODYN. The plant extracts in MELLODYN are standardized to ensure consistent potency and purity. 

The recommended serving of MELLODYN is 1-2 capsules about one hour before bed. Directions for use

The information on this page is not a substitute for professional medical advice. Consult with your doctor before taking any new dietary supplement, including MELLODYN.

Take one or two capsules of MELLODYN 30-60 minutes before bedtime. Do not exceed two capsules at once or four capsules within any 24-hour period.

Take MELLODYN "as needed" for occasional sleeplessness to promote sound, healthy sleep. When taken as directed, MELLODYN is not addictive or habit-forming.

Possible Side Effects

MELLODYN is generally well tolerated, and most people that take MELLODYN do not experience side effects (as reported in non-scientific user surveys). When taken as directed, none of the ingredients in MELLODYN are known to cause severe side effects or pose serious health risks.

MELLODYN is designed to induce sleep. If you take MELLODYN during the day, you may experience "side effects" such as drowsiness and fatigue.

Drug interactions

Please read this important information below about potential interactions between MELLODYN and certain medications.


MELLODYN may increase the effects of alcohol. Do not take MELLODYN after consuming excessive quantities of alcohol.


MELLODYN may increase the effects of sedative drugs. Talk to your doctor before taking MELLODYN if you're currently taking prescription drugs that may cause drowsiness including muscle relaxants, sleep medicines, anti-anxiety drugs, opioid pain relievers, and seizure medications. In many cases, it may be safe to combine MELLODYN with these drugs, but as a precaution you should discuss the issue with your doctor.


The Lemon Balm in MELLODYN may interfere with the action of prescription thyroid hormones and other thyroid-regulating medications (including Synthroid® [levothyroxine]). Consult a physician before taking MELLODYN if you're currently taking hormonal thyroid medication.

Please read the Contraindications and Precautions below before taking MELLODYN. As with any dietary supplement, talk to your doctor before taking MELLODYN if you are taking prescription medications.

Medical-contradictions & Precautions 

Your health and safety is our top priority. In general, MELLODYN is safe and well tolerated. Please read the information below before taking MELLODYN.

Consult a physician before taking MELLODYN (or any other supplement) if you're pregnant or breast-feeding. The effects of the ingredients in MELLODYN during pregnancy or nursing have not been studied.

Children with epilepsy and/or other severe neurological conditions should take MELLODYN only under the supervision of a physician. The melatonin in MELLODYN may increase the risk of seizures in epileptic children.

Because MELLODYN is designed to cause drowsiness and induce sleep, avoid taking MELLODYN during the day. If you've taken MELLODYN within the past six hours, use caution while driving or operating heavy machinery.