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Hyperforin is a natural extract from the St. John's Wort herb. Only recently have researchers fowned that hyperforin is the main part responsible for the mood-elevating effect of St. John's Wort. Unfortunately, many St. John's Wort products have very little or no hyperforin. To be effective, the proven-potency is at least 3% hyperforin.

When potent enough, Hyperforin has been shown to provide an amazing affect on enhancing mood emotional hearth.

Biochemical research has shown that hyperforin inhibits the reuptake of our brains natural feel-good neurotransmitters meaning they last longer; allowing us to enjoy the extended benefits.

Neurotransmitters are chemical messengers that send information between nerve cells. A lack of them causes low mood and negative emotions like feeling depressed, sad or just generally down or low-feeling.

By inhibiting the reuptake of the feel-good neurotransmitters, hyperforin allows an overall increase the levels of them. This improves mood and restores our emotional balances as well as increasing relaxed-feelings and reducing anxiety.

Clinical research shows that the affect any herbal supplement of St. John’s Wort extract on mood is completely dependent on the potency of its hyperforin. I.e. Only extracts with high levels of hyperforin were effective.

One trial of 147 people compared fake pills, pills with just 0.5% hyperforin (like many brands sold) and, finally, pills with 3% hyperforin...
  • The people who had the 3% potency had dramatically improved mood and better feelings (felt less sad and anxious)
  • The people who had the 0.5% found it be as ineffective as the fake pills.
  • This study proved the importance of choosing a St. John's Wort extract that is highly concentrated in hyperforin.
  • Further clinical research has shown hyperforin to be safe with side effects extremely unlikely. 

Here at Nature's Remedies, we wanted to provide a product that has the quality and potency of hyperforin required to make a reliable difference so we researched and found:

  • 8 of the most popular brands of St Johns Wort 6 had even less that 1% potency!
  • Only one had the standardised >3% potency and quality controls we were after

AMORYN contains hyperforin-rich St. John's Wort extract, standardized to 3% hyperforin. Each dosage (two capsules) of "potency assured" AMORYN contains 36mg of hyperforin (from 1200mg of St. John's wort extract with at least 3% hyperforin), so you can be sure that you're receiving the optimal amount.

The graph below shows the results of AMORYN's high hyperforin content and industry-leading quality-control standards: Nearly all of AMORYN users say that AMORYN is superior to other products containing St. John's Wort (in informal online surveys of AMORYN users). You can order AMORYN today to harness the healing potential of hyperforin.

Graph showing Amoryn comparison

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