Natural Depression Remedies - Best 5 Reliefs

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Amoryn productDepression can feel like having a black dog casting it's shadow on you where ever you go; dragging you down. You go to bed and when you wake up, he is there waiting for you to follow you around all day again.

But being depressed doesn't have to be accepted as "the way things will be for now on". With small daily choices, you can break the chains and make a difference to your mood, feelings and life.

Wouldn't it be best to focus on the top 5 remedies people have found to break out and break through the cycle?
We discuss these below... 

The best five ways to naturally remedy depression:

  • Eat a balanced and nutritional diet

    Fruit and vegetables It's an often over-used saying "you are what you eat". But it is true for our emotions too. Food affects our body chemically including our "feel good" chemicals in the body. By eating healthy (yes, especially fruit and veggies!) regularly each day, we ensure our body has what it needs to produce those happy feelings and remedy those depressed feelings trying to creep in. 
    The natural, healthy state of your body is to feel good.

  • Exercise regularly

    exerciseHealth experts have long known that exercise can greatly reduce the negative effects that depression produces. Since physical activity stimulates the production of serotonin within our brains.  This can include walking, swimming, dancing, playing sport, going to the gym or even gardening - all are likely to provide a helpful remedy, even for quite severe depression.

  • Develop healthy sleep patterns

    This includes: going to bed and getting up at the same time each day, stopping work and exercise well before sleep, having a dark room (no screens including phone/tablets just before sleep!), cut down on alcohol and caffeine, set time aside each day for problem solving (especially if you worry a lot!), relaxation/breathing techniques. Sleep is your body's natural remedy to eal itself physically and deal with emotions from the day - getting enough is vital.

  • Restart a social activity that you previously enjoyed

    familyBecause depression can "sneak up" on you slowly, you can also be unconsciously withdrawing from friends/family and enjoyable activities as it happens. So get out in public, meet with friends/neighbours, go to family occasions. It doesn't have to be long visits and you don't have to talk about how you are feeling. It helps if you write you plan out so the negative feelings can't talk you out of it at the last minute!

  • Take natural supplements to make sure you body has all it needs to feel good

    Amoryn productWhile everybody should be taking a multivitamin and Omega-3 supplement each day, it can help to take a specific natural supplement that targets your mood and can help you out of depression...

  • What is the best natural supplement for depression relief?


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